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Phone inquiries 084-988-1111(temple office)

    Shinshōji Zen Temple Access

    91,Kamisanna, Numakuma-chō, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima-ken 720-0401 Japan
    TEL 084-988-1111(temple office)

    Access by plane

    • Sanyō Expressway:from exit Fukuyama West - 25min

    Access by Shinkansen

    • Sanyō Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Sanyō Main Line:30 minutes by Tomotetsu Bus from Fukuyama Station.
    • Tomotetsu Bus:Board the bus going to "Miroku no sato" at Fukuyama Station's Boarding Area 6.
      The temple is a 15-minute walk from the "Tenjin yama" bus stop.

    Access by car or bus

    Access by car
    Sanyō Expressway:
    • Exit Fukuyama East - 40min
    • Exit Fukuyama West - 25min

    Access by bus

    Free shuttle bus(only on weekdays)
    Leave Fukuyama Station at the north exit, enter the Showa onsen shuttle bus and get off at 「Shinshōji」

    ■Tomotetsu bus(direct bus, only weekend and holidays)

    Fukuyama station, bus terminal, bus stop #6, enter a bus heading for 「Chitosebashi」,「Abuto」,「Tsuneishi」or「Utsuminyōkyō」and get off at 「Shinshōji」

    【time table (school holidays)】

    time table (school holidays)

    【time table (weekend and holidays)】

    time table (weekend and holidays)

    ■Tomotetsu bus (regular bus)

    Fukuyama station, bus terminal, bus stop #6, enter a bus heading for 「Chitosebashi」,「Abuto」,「Tsuneishi」or「Utsuminyōkyō」and get off at 「Tenjinyama」. From there it is 15 minutes to walk.(We can pick you up at the 「Tenjinyama」bus stop. Please call us.)

    【time table (Shinkawa-sen/weekdays)】

    【time table (Shinkawa-sen/weekdays)】

    【time table (Shinkawa-sen/weekend and holidays】

    【time table (Shinkawa-sen/weekend and holidays】

    Experiences and Relaxation

    Gokan-dō (Shinshō-ji udon)

    Information on the origins of and the way of eating Shinshō-ji udon.

    Gankū-in (Café)

    Enjoy green tea in an over 400 year-old thatched roof building moved to its present location from Eigen-ji.


    The bathhouse is one of the seven regular buildings of a traditional Zen temple. Visitors may take a bath there.

    About the admission fee

    About Shinshō-ji

    Shinshōji Zen Temple overview
    Introduction to Shinshōji Zen Temple (Rinzai sect Kennin-ji school)

    Temple office information
    Information on the Temple Office, designed by architect Fujimori Terunobu.

    Hibutsu-dō information
    An overview of the hall and how to use it.

    Shōshintei (Garden of the Appreciating Heart) information
    Information on Shinshō-ji's garden Shōshintei.